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Power sector


The management of energies, whether fossil or renewable, has become within the space of a few years a prevailing issue for the protagonists of the sector, in the same way as research work, prospecting, production and transport. The concept of sustainable development, together with what it conveys regarding transparency and responsibility, is now accepted by a large number of major groups and governments.

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Standards constitute one of the best means for supporting the players in their concern for reliability of the installations and reduction of the environmental impact of their activities. Faced with the new stakes of safety of procurements, energy independence, reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases and of liberalisation of the energy markets, standardisation is developing in response to the profound changes experienced by this sector.

Our services

Because of our background, we are uniquely placed to deliver certification services to the electricity supply industry. We have enjoyed a quality partnership with the power industry since 1991. We involved both suppliers and purchasers to establish our methods of auditing and certification through benchmarking. We've evolved into the one of the world's leading certification bodies for the power sector, and our expertise covers the major industrial sectors for the energy industry, including nuclear and renewables.

In-depth understanding and experience of the power industry means that we have a thorough grasp of the quality, environmental and safety issues that are specific to the sector. We can help you get the most out of your management system.


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