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Health and medico social care

With a portfolio of documents, media, seminars and training courses on better service delivery practices, the AFNOR Group provides the healthcare and medico-social services industry more than just a set of standards, offering a tailored portfolio of all-round services.

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This portfolio provides the best solutions to handling the challenges of a sector that works to omnipresent regulatory requirements and therefore has to control expenditure while meeting the most strenuously-demanding quality requirements of an entire community, including public authorities, citizens, customers and partners, and of course the patients themselves.


From hospitals to manufacturers engineering medical instruments, institutional catering services and back to the paramedical staff assigned to at-home hospital care, it is clear that good practices in today's healthcare environment hinge on optimum coordination between the agents involved. Flawless information transmission is a pivotal challenge, and the tools proposed by the AFNOR Group help provide the response.


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